How Avocado Toast destroyed it self!

We read this piece on the Martha Stewart blog, and it got us thinking that this might just be the case. When the avocado toast hype started, we were just as eager to try a bunch of new combinations with our guacamole and toast. And we tried some crazy stuff. But it turns out that we were over doing it, making the prices of avocado rise from $1 to $3 a piece! Which is insane!

 Of course, avocado toast is not the only reason for this price increase, as pointed out in the blog, besides the increased demands there are some very real reasons (like a dry summer that decimated the Avocado trees in CA) that is making the prices going up. 

Some have already begun trying substitute toast toppings, but we are not giving up yet! Join us in combating this Avocado shortage, and join us in growing your own avocados! Check out this short tutorial for everything you need. 

Avocado toast we are not giving up!