4 Restaurants Taking Fish to the Next Level

Do you love fish? 

From Japanese sushi to Seattle Salmon to Boston Chowder, fish is a huge part of maritime cuisines.  

The United States is blessed with having thousands of miles of coastline surrounding it. Everything from the lobsters of Maine to the salmons of Seattle and even the catfish of the Mississippi River is right here and accessible in the US. Overlay the blending of cultures, traditions, and ethnic communities on top of that wide array available fish and you see the beauty of the American Melting Pot. Here is a not-even-close-to-complete unordered list of 4 restaurants making incredible fish dishes:

1. SugarCane Raw Bar Grill

Address: 3252 Northeast 1st Avenue Miami, Florida 33137

WS: sugarcanerawbargrill.com

Instagram: @sugarcanerawbargrill

Facebook: SUGARCANErawbargrill

Located in the Edgewater district of Miami Sugarcane makes beautiful sushi platters, oyster platters, small plates, and more. Their eclectic menu contains both fish and non-fish options, but being so close to the Atlantic Ocean they have incredible access to some of the best first in the country. Though more on the expensive side, their sushi platters are divine and worth the extra. A solid cocktail bar and a generous three-hour daily weekday happy hour complement their food nicely. 

Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill posts many of their recipes on their website, one of my favorite being their Chilled Florida Sweet Corn Soup with Laughing Bird Shrimp pictured above

2. Tanta Chicago 

Address: 118 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60654

WS: www.tantachicago.com

Instagram: @tantachicago

Facebook: TantaChicago

Start your week off on a healthy note with Tanta’s salmon anticuchero which includes grilled salmon, quinoa salad, avocado mousse, huacatay sauce

Tanta Restaurant is committed to bringing great Peruvian food to Chicago. Founded Gáston Acurio is an icon in the food and business world and owns 33 restaurants in 12 different countries around the world. Tanta Chicago loves their roots, but also loves to blend Peruvian flavors with sustainably sourced and farmed fish. They feature classic dishes like ceviche, modern dishes like ahi tuna with wasabi tobiko rocoto cream and seemingly everything in between. Atop the restaurant is a rooftop terrace with full bar particularly featuring their pisco(hyperlink)-based cocktails.  

3. Santa Monica Seafood

Address: 1000 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

WS: www.santamonicaseafood.com

Instagram: @santamonicaseafood

Facebook: SMSeafood

Tag lined as the freshest seafood in the west, Santa Monica Seafood backs up this claim with gusto. They are family owned since 1939, have an incredibly large selection of fish, both raw and prepared, and they are fiercely committed to seafood sustainability. Though a major distributor, their welcoming storefronts make them easily accessible to the public the perfect option if you are looking to get as close to the source as you can. Their friendly staff is ready and willing to answer all of your fish questions and more.  

Not just for distribution, the chefs at Santa Monica Seafood can prepare a good meal too. Above is one of their many dishes: a roasted Meagre served on a bed of green peas, yams, shimeji mushrooms, butternut squash purée and garnished with pea tendrils.

Pan Roasted Petrale Sole with baby carrots, brocolini, baby bok choy served in a coconut curry sauce.

4. Fish – NYC

Address: 280 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014

WS:  http://www.fishrestaurant.nyc

Instagram: @fish_nyc

Fish apps, fish salads, fish soups, fish starters, fish on the grill, fish on a bun, fish in a pot, is there anything Fish NYC won’t do with a sea creature?!?! Fish NYC in the West Village is doing anything with everything. They are known for their raw bar, which includes oysters from the east and west coast, clams, and shrimp, but take on American classics from Maine-style lobster rolls to Maryland crab cakes. Their rotating beer and wine list is also a fan favorite, but only paired with their great seafood.