Pi(e) Day

By Ari Moskowitz

Whether you're mathematically inclined or not, Pi Day is a worthy day for celebration. The unending decimal expansion of the ratio between a circle's circumference and its diameter (that's the only math-y part of this blog, don't worry), has been translated from 3.14... to a day of celebration on March 14th (3/14) every year. Pies are the quintessential American dessert. From apple to key lime, there's a pie for everyone's liking.

 With the pi(e) day around the corner, I developed this short list of 3 great pie restaurants in NYC you probably already know, and 1 you may not (3 + 1 = 4, okay this is the last math-y part, I promise). Enjoy!

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Address: 439 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215
Instagram: @birdsblack
Facebook: Birds Black

This Gowanus pie shop founded by sisters Emily and Melissa Elsen from Hecla, South Dakota embodies everything you could ask for in pie shop. Their pies are beautiful, change everyday, and are hand-made with local fruits when available. They are best known for their Salted Caramel Apple pie, which epitomizes the classic american tradition with a caramel twist, but are also well known for their faintly bitter Matcha pie and Salty Honey pie. Excitingly, they have an extended menu exclusive for Pi Day where they will sell any choice of three slices for $14 at anyone of their three locations. 

Butter & Scotch

Address: 818 Franklin Ave Brooklyn, NY Between Eastern Parkway and Union St.
Instagram: @drunkbakers
Facebook: Drunk Bakers

Co-owned by Keavy Blueher and Allison Kave, Butter & Scotch is just like any other dessert pie cocktail bar.... if any other existed. They are known for their booze inspired pies and dessert inspired cocktails curated by beverage director Jen Marshall. This Crown Heights cocktail bar takes creativity to another level with Thanksgiving specials like their Bourbon Ginger Pecan pie and all-year greats like the S'mores pie with graham-cracker crust. 

Petee's Pie Company

Address: 61 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002
Instagram: @peteespie
Facebook: Petees Pie Company

Petra Paredez trained as a baker in her mom's Virginia pie shop, but Petee's Pie Company is as New York as any restaurant can be. They only use seasonal local ingredients like butter milk from Pittsford Farms Dairy and even go as far as only using rhubarb in spring and strawberries in late May to stay true to their seasonality motto. This Lower east Side pie shop is known for Toasted Almond Chess pie and Salty Chocolate Chess pie, but it would be hard to go wrong with any pie from Petee's. 

Yura on Madison

Address: 1292 Madison Ave New York, New York 10128
Instagram: @yuramadison
Facebook: Yura on Madison

Yura on Madison makes some of the best pies in the city, but that is just a bonus to their vast array of other offerings. Great for breakfast or brunch items like grain bowls and fresh veggie plates, Yura on Madison surprises their clientele with an incredible Blueberry Pie and other superb baked goods made in-house. They also apparently have a Top ten cookie to boost. 

Cover Photo from Pilsbury