4 Reasons you SHOULD go out for Dinner this Valentine's Day

By Ari Moskowitz

A home cooked meal is hard to beat. It shows you care and can be a fun and romantic activity for you and someone you love, but this Valentine's day I'm here to say going out can be even better and here are 4 reasons why.

1. You can still show you care

Caring is about effort. Taking the time to research and pick a great new restaurant or a special new bar can be just as romantic as cooking a meal yourself. 

For something super thoughtful maybe get a reservation at the place of your first date or pick a place serving cuisine your partner's grandparents would make. New York is filled with the most densely packed and eclectic array of ethnic traditions and cuisines, take advantage.

For something trendy and adventurous check out Distiller's list of top Mezcal bars in the country.

2.  It doesn't have to cost a ton of money

A bit of research and some happy hours will help you pick a spot that serves great food but won't break the bank. Here's Eater's list of 60 Cheap Eats in NYC and Thrillist's list of Happy hours oysters deals. Nothing says romantic, like Oysters. 

3. No dishes

Dishes are the hangover of good dinners, this point should be self-explanatory. 

Dishes are the hangover of good dinners, this point should be self-explanatory. 

4. Something New

There are too many restaurants in NYC to have been to them all. Check out this speakeasy hidden behind an old phone booth or one of these hidden gems and you'll be sure to surprise your date with something new and creative.

If all else fans this Guide to Dating in Manhattan is a fool-proof starter pack.

Good Luck -- ;-)

Cover Photo: http://blog.eztaxreturn.com/2015/01/valentines-day-date-night-ideas-for-every-type-of-couple/