Super Bowl Dips for Every Crowd

By Ari Moskowitz

We read this piece on Spoon University and picked out our top 5 dips that will please any crowd this Super Bowl Sunday. Though we loved all the recipes that Spoon linked to their list, we felt some had to subbed out :( When it comes to Guac and Chili, its hard to beat Alton Brown's famous dip recipes. 

1. Chili

Nothing says super bowl like hearty, meat-filled, bean-filled bowl of chili. It would be hard not to put chili at number 1 on this list. 

2. Guacamole

They key to Alton's recipe is the addition of cumin. Cumin brings out a peppery and somewhat nutty flavor that is hard to replicate. For added depth of flavor, char the outside of your jalepeño pepper over an open flame before seeding and mincing it. 

3. Buffalo Chicken Dip
You can dip anything from crackers to corn chips to vegetables into this creamy dip!

"The second best sports food is buffalo wings. But, let’s be real for a second, no college budget can handle that. This dip is cheaper than a plate of wings and tastes just as great. And, you can make it as spicy or mild as you want."

4. Bread Bowl Spinach Dip 

"Presentation is everything. This super simple, dorm-friendly spinach dip will earn you massive chef points without much effort. No chips here, just eat the bowl as you go. No, really. I’m serious."

5. Cannoli Dip

"If the previous dips didn’t impress you enough, here’s the ultimate dessert dip to seal the deal: cannoli dip served with waffle cone chips."

For the super adventurous, here's a link to Bon Appetit's 41 best Super Bowl Dip recipes. Enjoy!

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