About FoodFaves

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We all lead busy lives… and get hungry. How do you identify your craving, and where to satisfy it?
FoodFaves can help.  
Thumb through pictures of your favorite dishes, or faved pictures people share with you.

Scroll through your favorite restaurants and menus. Or take the CraveQuiz and let FoodFaves suggest the perfect dish based on your personal preferences.

Not just a personal dining assistant, FoodFaves is Your “Personal Portal” to the Foodie Community.

Found that perfect meal or snack? Share them with your followers, while discovering delicious dishes and treats from others in the FoodFaves community.

Not a Foodie? No problem. Just want to find a nearby restaurant that has what you want? FoodFaves will show you actual dishes matching your personal preferences, from restaurants in your area...

Try FoodFaves! It’s fun. It’s Social. Finally, your personal dining assistant, right at your fingertips.